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The modern world is constantly changing, there is a development of various technologies - it is worth talking about it. This section contains articles by category that cover all sorts of topics. Select the category of interest, after which a list of articles will be shown. Below the tags, there is a list of all articles published on the site. You can read about something new, as well as find solutions to current problems.

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27.11.18IT / Misc 5641
It is often necessary to make changes to the site, and sometimes it is necessary to do this promptly and without any delay. Well, if the hosting i...
26.11.18IT / Misc 2636
It is often required to display long content on a page, and this can be done in different ways. So content can be anything you like - plain text...
25.11.18IT / Misc 3229
Cookies or cookies (pronounced cookies, translated as cookies) are small files in the browser that are capable of storing text data. This is a use...
24.11.18IT / SEO 2349
Not given Yandex has introduced a new indicator for sites - IKS instead of TIC . The updates did not end there, a number of new products from Yan...
23.11.18IT / Misc 3582
Today, almost any site in one way or another processes the personal data (PD) of visitors, so it is necessary to notify users of this and obtain p...
22.11.18IT / PHP 3204
Sometimes you need to launch a script in order for it to perform certain tasks. This can be very important for the site to work. They are also oft...
21.11.18IT / Misc 5620
Standard audio tag appeared in HTML5 , it was supposed to solve the problem of playing sounds and music files on web pages. It has basic playback...
20.11.18IT / Misc 9679
The forum allows an unlimited number of participants to discuss various topics. Forums can be made as separate sites or installed as standalone mo...
19.11.18IT / Misc 2904
Comments on the site are a very important tool for communication, feedback with visitors, for generating new content , etc. Therefore, many site ...
18.11.18IT / Misc 2279
Bots are special programs that do most of the routine work. Today bots are very common; they are embedded in social networks, websites and are use...
17.11.18IT / PHP 6924
Transliteration or transliteration can be needed anywhere, for example, to compose URLs. Transliteration is often used in various official documen...
16.11.18IT / Domains 4235
Addresses on the Internet play an important role, so they should look as attractive as possible and be easy to use. Especially important think of...
15.11.18IT / Misc 3220
Not so long ago, a new version of the protocol appeared, which is intended to replace the previous ones. This version is called HTTP2, or rather H...
14.11.18IT / PHP 6341
When developing a site or already when it is hosted, the question may arise - which version of PHP to use. Usually, several versions are preinstal...
13.11.18IT / Misc 6680
Real-time communication may be needed in different situations, for example, for online broadcasts. Online broadcasts allow you to exchange informa...
12.11.18IT / Misc 2411
To interact with clients, various tools are used that allow you to conduct your business more efficiently. CRM systems have become especially popu...
11.11.18IT / Misc 4429
Voice messages have been gaining in popularity lately. So far, such a function is mainly common in various messengers, but nothing prevents you fr...
10.11.18IT / Misc 4112
Classic sites and web applications consist of several pages, each with its own address. It was like this for a long time, until projects began to ...
09.11.18IT / Misc 6545
You may need to create a website at any time and for any needs. Someone seriously approaches this issue and immediately thinks over all the detail...
08.11.18IT / Misc 5986
If the site actively sells goods or services, you can think about introducing your monetary system on the site - the user's balance or his persona...
07.11.18IT / Safety 3597
Currently, any tool can be used not only by a living person, but also by robots created by him. Robots are being introduced everywhere, they are d...
06.11.18IT / Misc 2692
Currently, there are many communication tools available that you can use on your site. Whereas in the past, email was primarily used for communica...
05.11.18IT / Misc 3866
Forms on websites are very popular today - they are used to enter, register, search, fill out survey data, etc. But especially the forms on the si...
04.11.18IT / SEO 2094
The speed of a site is one of its main characteristics, because its traffic depends on how quickly the site loads. To increase the site loading s...
03.11.18IT / Misc 3444
There are special configuration files for managing various server settings. The most popular server nowadays is Apache and settings for it are als...
02.11.18IT / Safety 3619
Today, sites without encryption of the connection are generally recognized as insecure, so there is a need to transfer them to a secure connection...
01.11.18IT / Misc 5163
Everyone knows that in order to get to any place in real life, you need to know the address of this place. So it is on the Internet, without addre...
31.10.18IT / Safety 2229
The modern realities of the development of information technologies and laws in the country require the use of special tools for effective work wi...
30.10.18IT / Domains 3601
DNS has made it possible to use friendly addresses in site names instead of dotted numbers (IP) addresses. Most site owners do not even know about...
29.10.18IT / Newsletters 4261
To receive and send letters, you need to use special mail services that provide addresses in which the domain of the mail service appears. For per...
28.10.18IT / Advertising 16069
Ad blockers are currently used on almost every computer and in every browser, as without them, the user would constantly be shown a bunch of unnec...
27.10.18IT / Advertising 3110
Ads can be seen everywhere and sites are no exception. Many sites exist on advertising and only make money on it. But not all users like the abund...
26.10.18IT / Domains 7789
When a new site needs to be created, in most cases a new domain is registered. At the time of registration, an amount is paid for using the domain...
25.10.18IT / Misc 15487
Most sites allow not only viewing content without registering on them, but also provide the opportunity to have a personal account. For different ...
24.10.18IT / Misc 3731
The site consists of different components, they are all stored on the hosting. Some of them can be edited through the administration panel of the ...
23.10.18IT / Misc 2452
Any site consists of pages on which various hyperlinks (links) to other pages or resources can be placed. When a site owner posts links, he most l...
22.10.18IT / Misc 2527
Many novice developers, and even ordinary users, may be interested in the question - what are the web programming languages ​​ and which language...
21.10.18IT / Misc 3317
The best way to develop a site is on your computer, but for this you need to first configure it as needed. Namely, you will need to install all th...
20.10.18IT / Drupal 2315
Over time, any system may contain vulnerabilities found that were previously unknown. As practice shows, even the most secure system contains h...
19.10.18IT / Misc 2976
When the site is developed, it is necessary to place it on the network so that anyone can access it. There are different types of placing projects...
18.10.18IT / Mobile 2285
Mobile applications are very popular nowadays. You can create them for various purposes. Applications developed on the basis of data received from...
17.10.18IT / Safety 2330
With the development of technology, the methods of interception of information by intruders are also developing. Not so long ago, the problem of r...
17.10.18IT / Safety 2391
Hackers use all sorts of techniques and methods to gain access to user data. One such technique is phishing. The word phishing comes from the Engl...
17.10.18IT / Safety 1967
Currently, site hacking is quite common. This can happen at any time and no one is immune from this. A hack may not be detected immediately, and t...
14.10.18IT / Safety 3066
Site security depends on many criteria, one of which is timely software updates. This includes updating the CMS, its modules, themes and other sof...
13.10.18IT / Safety 3695
Site security is currently one of the most important areas that requires serious attention. According to the data, hacking sites by various pers...
12.10.18IT / Newsletters 4988
Several sites can be hosted on one hosting account. If a problem occurs on one of the sites, other sites on this hosting may also be at risk. In t...
11.10.18IT / Domains 3111
Before buying a new domain, it's worth checking its history. The domain can be either new or with a history. In some cases, domains with history c...
10.10.18IT / Misc 2858
Various information channels are widely developed in the modern world. The main content of such channels is various articles. Articles can be diff...
09.10.18IT / SEO 1834
When the site is ready, there is a need for its promotion or promotion. Many people believe that website promotion can only be achieved by spendin...
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